I'm a producer for the nationally syndicated radio feature, A Better Life with Sanjay Gupta and the critically acclaimed, Jordan B. Peterson Podcast for Westwood One. I composed the original music for the Newt Gingrich podcast, Newt’s World. I’ve helped launch, produced, and provided both music and content for Opie Radio (with Gregg "Opie" Hughes), The Hughley Truth with comedian, DL Hughley, The Final World with Frangela, and other various podcasts and radio shows.

If you’re interested in jumping into the podcast arena, I’m your one stop studio, consultant, and producer. I have limited availability but, if it seems promising, I'll consider helping you with your project. Contact me here:  Joey Salvia


I’m a 20 year media professional who’s worked with hosts from ESPN, Fox News, and CNN. Whether you’re looking to market your business or you’re an aspiring media-personality who has something to say, I can help get you and your podcast off the ground and running... and to the listeners you’re aiming to reach. Here are but a few of my all-inclusive services:


  • Broadcasting 101

  • Producer, media coach, creative director 

  • Technical advisor

  • Voice over talent

  • Music, theme songs, liners, and production packages

  • Audio editor

  • Sound design, mixing, and mastering

  • Copywriter

  • Distribution 

  • Daily or weekly Maintenance 

  • Audio editing and Video post production

  • Promotion and social media

  • Sponsorship and commercial production 

  • Marketing

Podcast/Radio Producer:

Here are but a few shows I help produce each week. Feel free to click one and sample it. Please see the reviews as well on Apple Podcasts. If you like what you hear, simply reach out to me. my rates are reasonable, and I'll personally work with you.

I'm always looking for new audio projects to help with in editing, music composition, voice over, and sound design. To get a good idea of me using my editing, voice-over, music, and more, listen to the podcast, PI Perspectives. Thank you!

With over 2 decades of experience in the NYC radio market, I've recently taken my production skills into the fast-growing world of podcasting for Westwood One. While my expertise is mostly in recording, sound engineering, being on air, playing music,composing, and writing songs, I'm also an experienced audio editor and commercial voice over talent. 


As production director for these podcasts, I edit audio, act as music supervisor, produce additional content, VO, and even compose various musical interludes & themes on occasion.I composed the theme song for the Newt Gingrich podcast, Newt's World. In addition, I mix, master, and handle the digital distribution for each show I produce for various platforms. I work closely with our hosts/talent during the initial recording process when needed, and then handle all aspects of production thereafter.

Here's a sample of my podcast production. It includes my voice-over, editing, original music, mixing, video, and more. 

Music, editing, voice-over, copywriting, and more for this radio legend's podcast!

Original music by Joey Salvia