With James Burton on Huckabee

Old Faithful

With the one and only, James Burton (Rock and Roll

Working at Wabc and 1050 Espn Radio, NYC

Me and my pal, Michael

The original TMKS bus and billboard promotion

This is Howie do it ( Joey Salvia )

With the one and only... Bill Brooks

With my friend (and bandmate), Gov Mike Huckabee W

Working the crowd

You CAN touch this ( Joey Salvia )

With Holt McCallany

Fox(y) lady

with a true TV legend ( Joey Salvia )

Roman... Static Shock!

We have the greatest listeners on radio

Wardrobe Provided By Black Brown 1826 ( Joey Salvi

Walk Hard

On the road

Two s Company ( Joey Salvia )

Tony the race car driver ( Joey Salvia )

Tom and Joey ( Joey Salvia )


TMKS w Michael Irvin 5 13 09

TMKS Holiday Party 2009

Tino ( Joey Salvia )

The Redskins Cheerleaders just came back from ente

That s Nice Yes it s really Sasha and he broke cha

Talking improv with Jane Lynch too cool ( Joey Sal

Working with Ann Coulter ( Joey Salvia )

That s Show Biz ( Joey Salvia )

The Cup

Playing before Michael McDonald goes

The Bus ads ( I still had to pay to ride it ) ( Jo

Speaker Of The House John Boehner ( Joey Salvia )

Ron Paul (we talked about Ayn Rand) ( Joey Salvia

Father & Son

Spike Lee, Michael Kay, Joey Salvia

Robin Quivers radio legend ( Joey Salvia )

Radio NYC ( Joey Salvia )

Promo shot TMKS 2009

Promo Shot 1997 The Montgomery Cliffs

Promo in MSG

Putting Juan Williams on the air at Fox News Radio

Producer, Phil Ramone (Paul Simon, Billy Joel, and

My 10 Year Walt Disney Award

On Fox and Friends ( Joey Salvia )

Pre-game for The Jets (ESPN, NY) Good times (taken

Neil Sedaka and Joey Salvia (2 Brooklyn born songw

NBA on ESPN, NY ( Joey Salvia )

Performing a few songs for Espn listeners

My pal, Mike Lupica ( Joey Salvia )

My road lady

Yes it is

My pal, Greg Buttle

My friend, Andy ( Joey Salvia )

My friend , Michael sings along to his own theme s

My young fans are my favorite (Baltimore) ( Joey S

Michelle Beadle, eating her favorite snack ( Joey

Michael Kay sings along 2009 ( Joey Salvia )

Love this dude ( Joey Salvia )


Me and Michelle ( Joey Salvia )

Me and Phil of Def Leppard

Lord & Taylor Broadcast ( Joey Salvia )


Last gig with The Montgomery Cliffs

Larry, the Man (Gatlin) ( Joey Salvia )

Ken Burns ( Joey Salvia )

Keeping it real with Kim Kardashian ( Joey Salvia

Jets Camp (Summer 2009)

Joan stops by and we talk about kids Wow times hav

Joey and Bob ( Joey Salvia )

Joey and Sons of Anarchy

John Tesh ( Joey Salvia )

Jersey Shore and Espn


In Store appearance

In LA before we played a gig there Drove from NY s

I root big for Dara Torres


Herschel Walker wow

Herschel Walker with the cast of Brian Kilmeade &

Hanging with Terry Bradshaw

Hanging with Steve before The Jets game

Gov Huckabee and his Little Rockers ( Joey Salvia

Governor Jesse Ventura ( Joey Salvia )

Hanging with Bill Simmons

Hanging with Dale and Pat

Hanging with my new pal, Morgan Spurlock See his n

Hanging with S. E. Cupp (conservative political comm

Gilbert Gottfried in the house ( Joey Salvia )

Gigging with The Smithereens

Taking a swing

Getting a beer with Brian Cashman at Foley s

George Foreman & Joey Salvia

Gary and me awhile back

Floyd Mayweather Jr

Denise ( Joey Salvia )

Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan My wife hired him becau

Don and Joey ( Joey Salvia )

Don LaGreca sings the song I wrote for him years a

Eli with the show


Darryl Strawberry Joey Salvia Prom Picture

Danica Patrick ( Joey Salvia )

Dan Lauria and Joe Salvia- we talked Brooklyn, Lon

Condi and Joey

Charlie Daniels (he played bass on early Dylan wow

Bo and Joe ( Joey Salvia )

Bob Wolff, thought to be the world s oldest still-

A Rainbow!

Body For Life (Bill Phillips) guy came by and said


C mon Downnnnn ( Joey Salvia )

Carol and Joey ( Joey Salvia )

Champs Ring

Billy Baldwin gives me a few acting tips Very cool

With the one and only Stacy Keach ( Joey Salvia )

At Belmont playing for listeners of 1050 Espn

Andy gave this to me after the 2009 World Series f

ANDIAMO 1997 Award Winning album

Amb John Bolton (former Ambassador to the UN) ( Jo

ESPN Promo Shot (Disney)

The Montgomery Cliffs

A weekend with Bernie ( Joey Salvia )

Adam Carolla at Fox News he slept in my studio bef

Alan Alda ( Joey Salvia )

3 working class dogs ( Joey Salvia ) copy

3 cool cats ( Joey Salvia ) copy

2 Kid Rock fans ( Joey Salvia )

1 2 3 Go


Used it once or twice

On Stage

In my room

Hiking in the NY woods

Kaanji (Instrumental) - Joey Salvia
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